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Hiya, I'm Justin.

I'm currently a product manager at WebKite, a startup in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At WebKite, I focus a lot on product roadmap, specifications and requirements, customer development and project management. I'm also very interested in A/B testing, analytics, lifecycle emails and other marketing strategies. As a product guy, I'm most interested in technology that solves problems and delights customers.

Prior to WebKite, I founded a startup of my own, Delirium. We were accepted into Pittsburgh's AlphaLab startup incubator program as a member of the program's sixth cycle. There I got a crash course in almost all aspects of running a software business and learned from terrific peers and mentors. My first job out of school was as a project manager at KIT Solutions, a software company in Pittsburgh. In the past, I've also had internships at Fog Creek Software, Medrad and AccuWeather, in various software-related roles.

I have a few products of my own creation. The most successful was Portable, a tiny plugin for Shopify, which I reluctantly had to shut down in 2014. I also very occassionally create and contribute to open source. My most popular open source project is Playtest, a system used to prototype physical cards for board and card games.

In my free time, I like to play disc sports like Ultimate Frisbee and disc golf, read comic books, play competitive strategy games like Magic: the Gathering and design games of my own. You can also find me around town rooting for my beloved Pittsburgh Pirates and Penguins. I once pretended to be the Pirates' general manager on Twitter for a few laughs.

I live in Pittsburgh with my fiancé, Kate, and our two cats, Jon Snow and Sansa. I graduated from Penn State with a degree in Information Sciences and Technology and two minors in business and entrepreneurship in 2008.

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